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September 21, 2015 August 10, 2015 Regular Meeting Minutes


1) Call to Order: Village President Scott Blume called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.
2) Pledge of Allegiance
3) Roll Call/Establish Quorum: Roll call was taken with the following members in attendance; Trustees Jeremy Larocque, Ron Loertscher, Gene Smazal, President Scott Blume. Quorum established. Clerk Heidi Maldonis was also present. Trustee Marjorie Carpenter was absent.
4) Approve July Meeting Minutes: A motion to accept and approve July meeting minutes as presented was made by Larocque. Motion seconded by Loertscher. All ayes. Motion carried.
5) Approve August Accts. Payable & July Treasurer`s Reports: Motion to approve August accounts payable and July treasurer`s reports as presented made by Loertscher. Seconded by Smazal. All ayes. Motion carried.
6) Review/Approve Hall Security Deposit Refunds: Two rental dates to review; July 31 and August 2. Both rentals were found to be satisfactory in their cleanups. Motion to approve security deposit refunds for both dates made by Larocque. Seconded by Smazal. All ayes. Carried.
7) Committee Reports: The ordinance committee met on August 3 to discuss Ordinance # 3100 (Building Permits).
8) Recognition of Visitors: None
9) DPW Report: Art Shaffer was hired as DPW as a temporary full time replacement for Joe Geiger who injured himself recently. Once Geiger is fully recovered, he will resume his position as DPW. Shaffer will be trained and certified in order to fulfill the duties of DPW. Geiger will also train and certify when he has recovered. This training will take place in the spring of 2016. Shaffer reported that the dump truck box that was purchased in October, 2013 is actually in worse condition than the original box that is still on the dump truck. Shaffer got estimates from Voelker Machine of Abbotsford. Voelker`s estimate for the repair of the original dump box is $2160.00. The estimate for repair of the new box is $4530.00. The salt spreader from the new box was placed on the original box and is in good working condition. Shaffer said that the new box may be worth $1000.00 without the spreader. The price for the box purchased in 2013 was $3500.00. A motion to approve Voelker to repair original dump box was made by Loertscher. Seconded by Larocque. All ayes. The cost for repairs to the sand filter at the waste water treatment plant is approximately $4000.00 Motion to approve repairs to sand filter and actuator made by Larocque. Seconded by Smazal. All ayes. Carried. The lift stations need to be degreased. Water spigot at treatment plant is not working. The plywood needed to repair the pontoon has been purchased. End of report.
10) Board Business: Approve Building Permits-Art Shaffer. Motion to approve by Larocque. Seconded by Loertscher. All ayes. Motion carried. Approve CMAR Resolution. Motion to approve CMAR resolution #2015-01 made by Larocque. Seconded by Smazal. All ayes. Motion carried. Action-Approve Amended Ordinance # 3100-A. Motion to approve made by Larocque. Seconded by Loertscher. All ayes. Motion carried. Discussion/Action Dump Truck Box. This issue was resolved during the DPW report. Discussion/Action-Appoint Board Member. Joe Geiger was nominated to fill the seat that he resigned from in order to take the DPW position. Since Geiger is no longer an employee of the village (for the time being), he is eligible to serve as village trustee. Motion to appoint Joe Geiger to the Village Board of Trustees made by Larocque. Seconded by Smazal. All ayes. Carried. Geiger resumes his trustee seat. Discussion/Action-Standing Committees. Village President Scott Blume asked the board for a vote regarding Marjorie Carpenter`s position on two standing committees that she serves on. Carpenter serves on the finance and ordinance committees. Recently, Carpenter has neglected her duties on the ordinance committee. Carpenter neglected to provide a draft amending ordinance #3100 so that it could be typed, an ordinance committee meeting that Carpenter set the date for was not attended by her. No notice was given to the other members of the committee. Blume said that since Carpenter has neglected to perform her duties as a committee member, that she be removed for cause. Motion made by Larocque to remove Carpenter from the Finance and Ordinance committees. Seconded by Geiger. All ayes. Motion carried. Discussion-New Roofing for N. Lift Station, Village Office. Estimates for the Village office were obtained from Reliable Co. of Marshfield. Cost for shingles was $4150.00, cost for metal roof was $5780.00. No action taken at this time. The village will repair roof of north lift station.
11) Old Business: It appears that Trustee Marjorie Carpenter is not complying with Village Ordinance #103, which regulates the number of pets a household are allowed, although the board cannot be sure, since Carpenter refuses to allow any other board member in her home to verify whether she actually has come into compliance. The board discussed the possible levying of fines provided for in ordinance #103. A motion to levy a fine of $10.00 per day until Carpenter allows verification of compliance was made by Larocque. Seconded by Geiger. All ayes.
12) Clerk`s Report: Parking situation on East Cook St. Cars are being parked on both sides of the street, making passage difficult for other residents. It was suggested that the village set up an ebay account. Table until September meeting.
13) Presidents Report: None
14) Adjournment: A motion to adjourn regular meeting made by Larocque. Seconded by Smazal. All ayes. Meeting adjourned at 8:09 p.m.


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