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October 10, 2014 August 11, 2014 Regular Meeting Minutes


1) Call to Order: 1st Vice President Scott Blume called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.
2) Pledge of Allegiance
3) Roll Call/Establish Quorum: Roll call was taken with the following members in attendance; Trustees Jeremy Larocque, Ron Loertscher, Jerry Michlig, Marjorie Carpenter, Marie Kauffman and Scott Blume. Quorum established. DPW Pat Phillips and Clerk Heidi Maldonis were also present.
4) Approve July Meeting Minutes: A motion to accept and approve July meeting minutes as presented was made by Carpenter. Motion seconded by Larocque. All ayes. Motion carried.
5) Approve August Accts. Payable & July Treasurer`s Reports: Trustee Marjorie Carpenter had a question regarding an invoice credit in the amount of $90.00 from Hutt Electric. There was a $0.02 difference between an invoice from Meyer Lumber and the amount listed on the August accounts payable report. Motion to accept and approve accounts payable and treasurer`s reports by Larocque. Seconded by Kauffman.
6) Review/Approve Hall Security Deposit Refunds: There were five rental dates to review; July 19 and 26, August 2, 3 and 10. All but one of the above rental dates were found to be satisfactory in their cleanups. The August 2 rental had numerous violations of the rental agreement. Helium balloons were used, the floor was not cleaned, the kitchen was dirty, the grounds were littered with broken glass and other debris. Trustee Carpenter stated that she and her husband spent an hour cleaning the grounds the following morning. Carpenter also said that the key to the hall was found on the ground underneath a rock. A motion was made by Kauffman to forfeit the entire security deposit for the August 2 rental. Motion to forfeit seconded by Michlig. All ayes. Motion carried. As stated above, the remaining rental dates were found to be satisfactory in the cleanups. A motion to return the remaining security deposits was made by Larocque. Seconded by Carpenter. All ayes. Motion carried.
7) Committee Reports: The Ordinance Committee met on July 21 to discuss the possible amendment of Village ordinance # 3 (Relating to Restraining Animals from Running at Large). The committee recommended that the ordinance be eliminated, but archived for historical purpose.
8) Recognition of Visitors: Village resident Arthur Schaffer was recognized by the board. Schaffer stated that he had issues with a board member and wanted the trustee either removed from the board or have the trustee remove themselves from any vote involving himself, the C-Store or the Cubby Hole. A special meeting was suggested to discuss the matter. Meeting to be held on Monday, August 18, 2014. (Meeting was cancelled.) Next was DNR Hydrologist Dave Rozeboom. Rozeboom spoke to the attendees of the meeting about the water situation in the village. He also answered questions from residents.
9) DPW Report: DPW Pat Phillips reported that two culverts were replaced at residences. The homeowners will pay the cost of the culverts. Village janitorial employee Virgil Decker will be out for a couple of months due to a broken ankle. Trustee Ron Loertscher asked if Phillips would need help with janitorial duties. Loertscher suggested that part-time employee Jerry Chubb assist with those duties. End of Report.
10) Board Business: Approve Building Permit-Art Schaffer. Motion to approve permit by Michlig. Seconded by Larocque. Four ayes. One abstention. Motion Carried. Approve Building Permit-Doug Rachu. Motion to approve permit by Larocque. Seconded by Kauffman. All ayes. Carried. Approve Building Permit-Jeff & Carrie Bloome. Motion to approve permit by Larocque. Seconded by Kauffman. All ayes. Carried. Approve Building Permit-Perryman, Krause. Motion to approve permit by Larocque. Seconded by Kauffman. All ayes. Carried. Approve Building Permit-Scott Blume. Motion to approve permit by Larocque. Seconded by Loertscher. All ayes. (Blume did not vote). Carried. Approve Building Permit-Paula Kieser. Motion to approve permit by Kauffman. Seconded by Loertscher. All ayes. Carried. Approve Operator`s License-Eugene Landwehr. Motion to approve Landwehr`s operator`s license by Michlig. Seconded by Larocque. All ayes. Motion carried. Frank Carey & Tom Smith-Unity Legion Truck & Tractor Pull. Carey and Smith presented the village with a $500.00 donation from the proceeds of the Memorial weekend event. Carey and Smith thanked the village for the use of equipment; they also presented a check for $250.00 for the purpose of the village continuing to mow the American Legion Post grounds. Discussion/Action-Brush & Yard Waste Pickup. It was suggested that a scheduled day for pickup should be implemented because Phillips stated that he doesn`t have time to pick up brush and deliver it to the landfill every day or every other day. The decision was made to pick up brush the second Friday of every month. A note informing residents of the scheduled day will be included with sewer bills. Discussion/Action-Village Gate at Sewage Plant going to Old Ponds. Village Resident Doug Bauer told the board that someone had placed a lock on the gate that leads to the old sewer ponds. Bauer stated that for someone to have done that, they would have to cross his property thereby creating a trespass of his property. No action was taken. Appoint Interim Village President. Nominations were opened. Trustee Marie Kauffman nominated 1st Vice President Scott Blume. That nomination was seconded by Ron Loertscher. As no one else was interested in filling the seat, Loertscher moved to close the nominations. Motion seconded by Michlig. Scott Blume will fill the President`s chair until spring elections.
11) Old Business: The issue of replacing the office furnace was discussed again. Phillips obtained five bids; those came from Jakel Plumbing, Htg., & Elec.-$4840.00, Air Accurate-$3401.09 for furnace, $2108.91 for A.C., House of Heating-$5540.00, Advanced Heating & Cooling $5800.00, Hutman Heating-$6019.00. Motion by Kauffman to accept Jakel`s bid of $4840.00. Seconded by Michlig. All ayes. Carried. Trustee Jerry Michlig announced that he would no longer do the after rental hall checklist.
12) Clerk`s Report: None
13) President`s Report: President Scott Blume addressed the board. Blume stated that board members need to leave any personal issues at the door when attending meetings, trustees are present at meetings to deal with village concerns, not personal conflicts. End of report.
14) Adjournment: A motion to adjourn regular board meeting was made by Michlig. Motion seconded by Larocque. All ayes. Meeting adjourned at 8:49 p.m.


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