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November 17, 2015 October 12, 2015 Regular Meeting Minutes


1) Call to Order: Village President Scott Blume called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.
2) Pledge of Allegiance
3) Roll Call/Establish Quorum: Roll call was taken with the following members in attendance; Trustees Angela Smith, Jeremy LaRocque, Joe Geiger, Marjorie Carpenter, and President Scott Blume. Quorum established. Trustees Gene Smazal and Ron Loertscher were absent . Also present were DPW Art Shaffer and Clerk Heidi Maldonis.
4) Approve September Meeting Minutes: A motion to accept and approve September meeting minutes was made by Carpenter. Seconded by LaRocque. All ayes. Motion carried.
5) Approve October Accts. Payable & September Treasurer`s Reports: A motion to accept and approve accounts payable and treasurer`s reports was made by Loertscher. Seconded by LaRocque. All ayes. Motion carried.
6) Review/Approve Hall Security Deposit Refunds: There were five rental dates to review, beginning with September 19. The cleanup for that date was satisfactory. The following dates were also found to be satisfactory; September 27, October 4 and 9. Motion to approve refunds for the above dates made by LaRocque. Seconded by Geiger. The final rental to review was September 26. The condition of the hall was "really bad" according to village custodian Roy Zimmerman. Zimmerman conducts the inspections after rentals. Zimmerman had to scrape 15 wads of gum from the floor, blood spatters were found and had to be mopped up and the south door was left unlocked. Motion to refund half of the security deposit was made by LaRocque. Seconded by Geiger. All ayes. Carried.
7) Committee Reports: None
8) Recognition of Visitors: None
9) DPW Report: DPW Art Shaffer said that Staab Construction has been working to repair pond aerators, job should be complete this week. Shaffer will replace floats in secondary pond. B & M Technical Services has been working at the WWTP, stray voltage was found. B & M will bring in an electrician to find the source. Shaffer reported that the dump truck is repaired and ready to go for the winter. Shaffer will get salt/sand mix in a couple of weeks. Shaffer requested permission to purchase shelving units for the village shop. Shaffer said that he would like to get shop inventory organized. The cost for the shelving is between $80.00-$100.00 per unit. Shaffer said that he has leftover shelving from his gas station/convenience store that he would be willing to sell to the village at $80.00 per unit. Motion to accept and purchase shelving made by LaRocque. Seconded by Geiger. All ayes. Motion carried. Finally, Shaffer reported that he ordered sensors for the Christmas decorations. End of report.
10) Board Business: DNR Rep. Tom Hvizdak. Hvizdak informed the board that the reason the monitoring wells have not been dug yet has to do with funding not being available due to the recent mine spill in Colorado. The funding for other projects should resume soon. The plan is to begin digging monitoring wells in early November. The EPA announced that they will pay for replacing carbon filters for homeowners affected by contamination. Filters must be replaced annually at a cost of $800.00-$1000.00. EPA will only pay for the first change. Hvizdak requested to be placed on December`s meeting agenda. Approve Liquor License-Joe Geiger. Motion to approve license made by LaRocque. Seconded by Smith. All ayes. Carried. Approve Operator`s Licenses (3). Motion to approve made by LaRocque. Seconded by Smith. All ayes. Motion carried. Discussion/Action-Ordinance Violation. There was discussion that involved Trustee Marjorie Carpenter`s violation of Ordinance # 103, which in part regulates the number of pets per household are allowed. In August, the board voted to levy a fine of $10.00 per day until compliance was met. As of this day, the penalties add up to $620.00. In a statement to the board made at September`s meeting, Carpenter admitted that she made a mistake in having too many animals and that she was doing her best to come into compliance. It was suggested that in light of Carpenter`s statement that the fine be suspended from this day forward, although Carpenter is still responsible for the $620.00 already levied. The possibility of reinstating the fine will remain if it is discovered that Carpenter has not complied. A vote was taken on the issue of suspending the penalty from this date. Two ayes, one opposed. Carpenter did not vote. Smith stated that she would like to verify that Carpenter is complying. Softball League-Tracy Soppa. Soppa did not attend the meeting, but she contacted Maldonis and said she would drop off the keys and checkbook by the end of this week. Discussion/Action-Backhoe Repairs. DPW Shaffer said that the cost of repairs can`t be determined yet, because the extent of the repairs is not known. Shaffer approached Frank Carey to do the work, but Carey said that he wouldn`t do it. Shaffer said the cost could run as high as 10,000.00, depending on the extent of the repairs. A motion to repair backhoe with no cost limit was made by LaRocque. Seconded by Geiger. All ayes. Motion carried.
11) Old Business: President Blume asked about the condition of the playground equipment at the ballpark. Shaffer said that he plans to work on it this spring before the truck/tractor pull. Blume said that he wants to change locks on the concession stand at the ballpark, the landfill and the village shop. Considering placing security cameras at ballpark to deter break ins. This has been a continuing problem on that end of the village. A sewer committee meeting was set for Monday, October 19, 2015 at 6:00 p.m.
12) Clerk`s Report: None
13) President`s Report: Blume praised the work done on the floor of the Memorial Hall. Custodian Roy Zimmerman scrubbed and waxed the floor and it looked almost new.
14) Adjournment: A motion to adjourn meeting was made by LaRocque. Motion seconded by Carpenter. All ayes. Meeting adjourned at 8:13 p.m.


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