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March 21, 2014 February 10, 2014 Regular Meeting Minutes


1) Call to Order: Village President Randy Smith called the meeting to order at 7:01 p.m.
2) Pledge of Allegiance
3) Roll Call: Roll call was taken with the following members in attendance; Trustees Jeremy Larocque, Ron Loertscher, Jerry Michlig, Marjorie Carpenter, Marie Kauffman and President Randy Smith. Quorum established. DPW Pat Phillips was also present. Trustee Scott Blume and Clerk Heidi Maldonis were absent.
4) Approve January Meeting Minutes: A motion to accept and approve January`s meeting minutes as presented was made by Michlig. Seconded by Carpenter. Motion carried.
5) Approve February Accts. Payable & January Treasurer`s Reports: A motion to accept and approve February accounts payable and January treasurer`s reports as presented was made by Larocque. Seconded by Kauffman.
6) Review/Approve Hall Security Deposit Refunds: There were a total of four rental dates to review. The first two dates, January 18 and 19 were rented by one party; cleanup was successful. The final two dates to review, January 26 and February 9, were also rented by one party. Those cleanups were also successful. Motion by Carpenter to approve both refunds. Seconded by Michlig. Motion carried.
7) Committee Reports: None
8) Recognition of Visitors: None
9) DPW Report: DPW Pat Phillips reported that the blower motor on the Bryant hall furnace is bad. The new blower motor should be in by February 14. Phillips said that the lift station located near Kuehling`s farm is reportedly going on and off. It could possibly be the cold temperatures causing the problem.
10) Board Business: Approve Tax Over Pay Refunds. Motion to approve tax overpayments
by Michlig. Seconded by Carpenter. President Randy Smith mentioned that Davy
Engineering is still in the process of determining what the DNR wants in the way of
compliance with new phosphorus limits. Motion by Michlig to approve the facility plan
status report; to be completed by Davy Engineering by the deadline of March 31, 2014.
Seconded by Larocque. Discussion-Review Old Ordinances/# 1 through 5. Ordinance#1;
After a lengthy discussion, this ordinance will remain unchanged. #2; the board
decided that the wording should be changed to who engages in the use of obscene
language. #3; after discussion, this ordinance will be tabled until the March regular
meeting in order to obtain more information. #3A; it was the decision of the board to
leave this ordinance as is. #4; the board decided to eliminate this ordinance. #5; the
board decided to eliminate this ordinance also.
11) Old Business: A situation involving the recent survey asking residents their opinion about
raising chickens in village limits was discussed. It came to the board`s attention that
residents in the mobile home court did not receive surveys to complete. The survey was
sent to the owner of the mobile home court in the sewer bill; but since the court
residents do not receive sewer bills, they were mistakenly overlooked. Because of this
situation, any future mailings of this sort will be sent to the mobile home owners, as
well as the mobile home court owner.
12) Clerk`s Report: None
13) President`s Report: None
14) Adjournment: Motion by Carpenter to adjourn. Seconded by Kauffman. Motion carried.
Adjourned at 8:25 p.m.


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