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January 2, 2017 November 14, 2016 Regular Meeting Minutes


1) Call to order: President Scott Blume called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.
2) Pledge of Allegiance
3) Roll Call/Establish Quorum: Roll call was taken with the following members in attendance; Trustees Angela Smith, Shanna Piech, Ryan Maldonis, Gene Smazal, Brian Michlig, Josh Bauer and President Scott Blume. Quorum established. DPW Tom Smith and Clerk Heidi Maldonis were also present.
4) Approve October Meeting Minutes: A motion to accept and approve October meeting minutes as presented was made by Michlig. Seconded by Smazal. All ayes. Motion carried.
5) Approve November Accts. Payable & October Treasurer`s Reports: There were two discrepancies in November accounts payable report. An entry for Quill Office Supplies should have read $226.25, but was entered $226.75. Also an invoice for $197.00 from Hoover Metals was omitted in the report. A motion to accept and approve November accounts payable and October treasurer`s reports with corrections made by Michlig. Seconded by Maldonis. All ayes. Motion carried.
6) Review/Approve Hall Security Deposit Refunds: There were three rental dates to review. The first was October 22. The clean up was found to be satisfactory. Motion to approve refund made by Michlig. Seconded by Smazal. All ayes. Carried. The next date was November 11. There were some issues for this rental, the bathrooms were not cleaned, trash was not removed and doors were left unlocked. A motion to deny refund was made by Michlig. Seconded by Maldonis. All ayes. Carried. The final date was November 12. There were issues with this date as well. The bathrooms were not cleaned, lights were left on and music played until 12:45 a.m. in violation of agreement terms. Motion to refund half of the deposit made by Smazal. Seconded by Bauer. All ayes. Motion carried.
7) Committee Reports: None.
8) Recognition of Visitors: None
9) DPW Report: DPW Tom Smith began with the topic of concrete bids for main entry of Memorial Hall. Smith said that he could not find a bid for less than $3000.00 Project on hold until next spring. Lift stations and pumps repaired/replaced and working well. Smith requested an additional two loads of granite to complete the extension of Memorial Hall parking lot. Request granted. Smith also talked about the need for new lighting for the village garage. Cost is $150.00 per fixture, six needed. Granted. The bottom two feet of the garage needs refastening and two new entry doors are needed. End of report.
10) Board Business: Discussion/Action-Water Referendum. The results of the non binding advisory referendum were 104 yes and 83 no. Trustee Shanna Piech suggested forming a committee to investigate the issue further. The next step will be to apply for a search grant that would allow further breakdown of actual costs and scope of project. The purchase of land west of the village will be required in order to drill a municipal well. The DNR and EPA have assured the village that they will continue their cleanup efforts regardless of any decision the board makes. Discussion/Action-Hypodermic Needle Receptacle. It was suggested that a needle receptacle be place in both hall restrooms in order to accommodate people with conditions that require them to self inject. A motion to approve the purchase hypodermic needle receptacles made by Piech. Seconded by Smith. All ayes. Carried. Discussion/Action-Hall Rental Agreement. There have been a few problems with physical damages to village properties in recent months. The board discussed possibly raising the security deposit for non residents of the village. The board agreed to raise the rent for the hall to $250.00 for non residents, up from $150.00. The security deposit will remain at $500.00 for non residents. Motion to raise hall rent made by Smazal. Seconded by Maldonis. All ayes. Motion carried. There were other suggestions made by some of the trustees; Michlig suggested that flat rates should be set for certain damages. Piech had an idea to add a clause to the rental agreement that additional damages done to village property should be invoiced to the renter responsible. No action was taken on these suggestions at this time. Discussion/Action-Village Website. Trustee Shanna Piech suggested that the village look into another website maintenance provider in order to lower the annual cost to the village.
11) Old Business: President Scott Blume spoke to a few topics brought up by Piech. Among them were an inventory list of tools in the village garage, a donation tree to place the names of donors to the Memorial Hall. The village has a plaque with the names of donors, possibly approach the Unity Lions to help replace the floor in the hall. Also, placing security cameras around village buildings. Blume said that the village would not be doing that at this time. Piech also suggested that resource guides should be written up to help new incoming elected officials understand what their duties and responsibilities are. Piech suggested that a separate savings account be set up just for forfeited security deposits. This would begin January 1, 2017. Motion to approve savings account for forfeited security deposits made by Piech. Seconded by Smazal. All ayes. Motion carried. *
*This motion may have to be revisited at December`s regular meeting as this topic was not listed on the agenda.
12) Clerk`s Report: None
13) President`s Report: None
14) Enter into Closed Session Per WI Statute 19.85 (1) (c). Considering employment,
promotion, compensation, or performance evaluation data of any public employee
over which the governmental body has jurisdiction or exercises responsibility. Motion
to enter closed session made by Piech. Seconded by Smazal. All ayes. Entered into
closed session at 8:31 p.m.
15) Reconvene in Open Session for the Purpose of Adjournment: Motion to reconvene in
open session made by Michlig. Seconded by Maldonis. All ayes. Reentered open session
at 8:58 p.m.
16) Adjournment: A motion to adjourn meeting was made by Michlig. Seconded by Smazal.
All ayes. Meeting adjourned at 8:58 p.m.


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