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December 15, 2015 November 9, 2015 Regular Meeting Minutes


1) Call to Order: Village President Scott Blume called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.
2) Pledge of Allegiance
3) Roll Call/Establish Quorum: Roll call was taken with the following members in attendance; Trustees Ron Loertscher, Marjorie Carpenter, Gene Smazal, Joe Geiger, Jeremy Larocque, Angela Smith and President Scott Blume. Quorum established. Also present was DPW Art Shaffer. Clerk Heidi Maldonis was absent.
4) Approve October Meeting Minutes: A motion to accept and approve October meeting minutes as presented was made by Carpenter. Motion seconded by Larocque. All ayes. Motion carried.
5) Approve November Accts. Payable & October Treasurer`s Reports: Before approval, two issues were discussed, payment of invoice from B & M Technical Services to be withheld until amount due is clarified. There was a $0.70 discrepancy on Quill invoice. Approved. All ayes. (Carpenter did not record who motioned to approve and who seconded the motion).
6) Review/Approve Hall Security Deposit Refunds: Five rental dates were reviewed; 11/1, 10/31, 10/25, 10/9/ and 10/18. All were found to be satisfactory in their cleanups. Motion to approve all refunds by Larocque. Seconded by Geiger. All ayes. Motion carried.
7) Committee Reports: The sewer committee will meet to discuss wording issue in amended Ordinance #113-2, change premise to premises.
8) Recognition of Visitors: None
9) DPW Report: DPW Art Shaffer reported that the north overhead door at village garage is not working due to a burned out breaker. The cost to repair is $1200.00 according to Security Overhead Door estimate. Motion to approve repair door by Larocque. Seconded by Smazal. All ayes. Carried. As mentioned above, payment to B & M Technical services will be withheld until issues with the new pump are cleared up. Pump was installed and then failed. The village would like a statement from a supervisor at B & M stating who and what is responsible for pump failure. New sensors have been installed for the Christmas lights, flags are in place for Veteran`s Day. Have not yet received a bill for backhoe repairs. Grading the village streets is difficult to do because of fallen leaves on the road. It was suggested that Shaffer take the backhoe to gather the leaves and take them to the landfill. Shaffer also said that the weather has not been good for grading. The DNR have office space at the WWTP and room there to store their equipment during the monitoring well digging project. End of report.
10) Board Business: Approve Building Permit-Matt Porath. A motion to approve building permit for Porath was made by Carpenter. Seconded by Larocque. All ayes. Carried. Discussion/Action-Memorial Hall Utility Costs, Etc. The issues that were discussed dealt mainly with the Sunday polka dances. A glass door cooler was brought by the coordinator of these weekly dances a few years ago. This cooler is quite old and takes a lot of energy to run, and it runs all day, every day during the dancing season. It was suggested that an extra charge of $60.00 per month be added to the rental fee to cover the cost of electricity. Another suggestion was that the food and drink that is left in the cooler be removed and cooler unplugged after the dance and plugged back in on the Saturday preceding the dance. The food and drinks would be brought in on Sunday morning of the dance. The cooler is unsightly and the electrical cord is questionable. It could be a fire hazard. A motion to completely remove the cooler and have the dancers use the refrigerators already in the hall`s kitchen made by Larocque. Seconded by Carpenter. 5 ayes, 1 opposed. Motion carried. The floor in the hall is another issue. This also is largely due to the polka dances. A compound is placed on the floor to allow the dancers to slide easily while they dance. It takes considerable time and effort to remove the compound and restore the floor to a presentable condition. There have been numerous complaints from the dancers regarding the condition of the floor even after it has been waxed. The dance coordinator was asked to attend this meeting to discuss these issues with the board, but he did not appear. The clerk will notify the individual of the board`s decision to deduct the cost of maintaining and restoring the floor from the security deposit. Discussion/Action-Sewer Rates. Due to rising operational costs and increasing utility rates, the board agreed that sewer rates will be raised. Residential rates will increase from $47.75 a month to $50.00. Clerk will calculate percentage for businesses and notify customers in December billing.
11) Old Business: Rob`s Redwood has cooperated with the village regarding the amount of cooking grease that is being put down the drains. The grease creates problems at the south lift station. It clogs the pumps and is difficult to remove. The village requested that grease traps be installed at the business. The parks have been winterized for the year. The board would like to have Colby/Abbotsford Fire Chief Ross Rannow attend December`s regular board meeting to discuss use of fire hall. An emergency manual (CMOM) required by the DNR, will be handled by the village board as a whole. The manual has a deadline of August 2016 to be completed. This topic will be placed on December`s regular meeting agenda.
12) Clerk`s Report: None
13) President`s Report: None
14) Adjournment: Motion by Larocque. Seconded by Loertscher. All ayes. Adjourned at 7:59 p.m.


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