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  •  Water Contamination:


                    In the November elections, residents will have the opportunity to decide if the Village is willing to consider a municipal water system or if residents (current and future) will be individually responsible for their own water needs.

                  Old information:

                      The Wisconsin DNR led several information meetings at the Village Hall regarding this issue.  If you would like to view their presentation from 2016, please follow this link: 041216 Unity Meeting Power Point

                  If you would like to see an aerial view depicting the most current information of the contamination zone, please follow this link: Fig1-PCE_Aerial 041216-Photo

                 New information:

                Surveys are in the process of being sent to all residents (including known renters) to determine the appropriate median income of the Village.  This data will be used to help determine which financial options (including grants) the Village would have, if the voters approve moving towards a municipal system.

     Information has been gathered from other municipalities (Village of Cutiss, Village of Stetsonville and Village of Milladore) who previously installed a municipal water system. They shared their feedback and rough estimates on their projects. 




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